Succesful saturday in Odense!

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Saturday the mens team spent their day in Odense. With 8 players and a programme facing both Odin and Sørbymagle it looked to be a hard days work.

Sørbymagle was the first opponent of the day, and they turned up with a strong team of old and new players. Yogesh had replaced Asger in the goal, and his goalkeeping abilities was quickly put to the test. Sørbymagle got ahead after an intense start. Gentofte struggled with the passes and the play in the last third of the pitch. at halftime Sørby was ahead 3-2. Sørby made a quick goal after the break and was now ahead with two. But the Gentofte team found more energy and fighting spirit. High pressure and lots of running behind the opponent backline gave the team momentum. Two good minutes in Gentoftes favour changed the score from 3-4 to 5-4 in the final 10 minutes of the game. A well deserved but hard fought victory.

The Gentofte team came to Odense for a re-match after last weeks 0-1 defeat. Odense was playing without their goalscorer from last week, but most of their team was the same. Gentofte tried to focus on possession and high pressure, but the game quickly turned messy with a lot of balls lost from both teams. In the lead with 2-1 at breaktime at with an opponent team which did not press the backline the Gentofte team had ample opportunity to just play the ball around. But a quick break and a goal from Odin forced the team to go on the offensive. However our team once again had most energy towards the end of the match, and higher pressure from Odin left space behind their backlines for many counter attacks and chances on goal. Gentofte ended up with a 2 goal lead and kept the game under control from there for a 5-3 victory and 6 points for the day.

Saturdays matches resulted in seven Penalty Corners, Christian Sandby turned 4 of them into goals and only missed 1 shot from the top of the D. PC were our strong suit, both offensive and defensive, as only one goal was scored against us on PC. With 1 more goal in open play he scored half of the days goal total. Other goalscorers’ were: Olivier 2, Martin 1, Rasmus 1, Niels 1.

MOM: Yogesh for goalkeeping excellence.