Gentofte Hockey Klub - GHK U16 vs Odin. Foto: Martin Frøland

All Youth teams were in action this weekend

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All Youth teams were in action this weekend
Gentofte Hockey Klub  - U8 in SlagelseSaturday morning the U8 went to a matchday in Slagelse. After joint warm up, 30 kids from 3 different clubs were ready to play!
We started with two matches against Kalundborg, who had so many kids, that they made two teams. Both matches were very close, but unfortunately, both matches ended with victory to Kalundborg. In the last match we met Slagelse, and this match we knew exactly what to do, and the match ended with a 2-0 win!
After all the matches there was BBQ, soda and cake, and the day finished with medals for all 4 teams. All in all, a fantastic day!

At home at the same time the U16 hosted a game against Odin. Odin as top dog in the U16 league was a feared opponent. But Gentofte out the first 15 Gentofte Hockey Klub - GHK U16 vs Odin. Foto: Martin Frølandminutes with high spirit and good defensive structure. Gentofte mainly living on counters and standing low on the pitch. But after 20 minutes the team had to give in. Gentofte were a little looser in the marking and Odin was not late to utilize the more space. Halftime 4-0 to Odin.
In the second half Gentofte wanted to minimize the defeat and all players fought the best they could. Christian in goal made a huge impact in the second half playing one of his best games for the club. However, he could not to anything about the four goals made in the second half as well to the result of 8-0.

All in all, it was a game where the team was fighting through all 60 minutes and did their best. We look forward to all players are ready again after their injuries in the spring.

Gentofte Hockey Klub U6 - new t-shirtsGentofte Hockey Klub U6 - new t-shirts

Sunday morning the U6 entered the pitch. There were not so many kids as hoped for. But the kids were very happy about their new t-shirts. The shirts were donated by the Gentofte Hockey Klubs support club – Kort Hjørne 1944. The U6 will have one more practice together with Kom og vær med! And then together with the parents we will take a decision on how to keep the team practicing in the future.Gentofte Hockey Klub - U10 after two won games

On the other side of the pitch Gentofte hosted three U10 games. Gentofte had to play against Slagelse and Odin. First game was against Slagelse. Gentofte dominated the game, but Slagelse fought well and kept them self’s in the game the hole time. Gentofte won deservedly the game with 2-1.

After a game break it was time to play against Odin. Odin had just lost 4-3 against Slagelse in the last second in a thrilling game. And it looked like that the Odin team did not have much more gas in the balloon. Gentofte pressed high and created many chances, but the last efficiency was not there on the day. Still Gentofte won securely 3-0.

The U10 have now won all four games and are leading the U10 league. The U10 have one more round with two games after the autumn break before they can go into the hall season.

Sunday morning the U14 travelled to Slagelse to play two games. First game was against Slagelse 2. Gentofte in this game played some good hockey against a team that have the same age level – compared to the ofther teams they meet in the league. Gentofte created a lot of chances and so did Slagelse, but two good goalies made sure that the games ended as it started. 0-0.

Shortly after the team had to play Copenhagen. Gentofte played well but the passing and especially receiving was lacking a bit in this game. In this Copenhagen was better and also in moving the ball forward. Gentofte lost this game 4-0 – a bitter defeat. Gentofte U14 still waits for their first win of the season, but things are looking much better compared to the first rounds in the beginning of September. Also, U14 have been struckling with injuries this season. We hope all the players are ready for the spring again.

A special thanks to this weekend’s umpires Frigg, Ash, August, Esben and Alvin for handling the games in great spirit.

Here we go!