Heavy rain, storm and sun from a blue sky – but we play hockey in all weather!

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With six games on Gentofte Stadium, Saturday was first all about hockey before the day became night and it was all about party.

Gentofte Hockey Klub - The og kaffe

First the U14 played two games. The first one was against the local team from Lyngby-Orient. Gentofte was through the game in control, and more than a couple of times the ball danced on the goal line of the Lyngby team, but only one-time Gentofte got the ball over the line. The score was 1-0 at half time. In the second Gentofte still was in control must of the time, but Lyngby were lurking for the counters. And it was on a counter that Lyngby leveled the game to the result of 1-1. The first point of the season for the U14 team that mainly consists of U12 players.

In the second game it was against the strong Slagelse 1 team. Both age wise and technical Slagelse was in front, and after last weekends massacre the team came to the game with some anxiety. The game however went much better and the team half the goal difference the result of 10-1. The team can however look back at two games with hard work and smiles. We look forward to the next games and when our injured players come back.

Gentofte Hockey Klub - hockey game in copenhagen, full bench

A big thanks to the umpires Esben, Alvin Martin and Sandby to umpire in the crazy weather!

Then it was time for the men to enter the pitch. The game was against a well fighting Marselisborg team. First half was all about running with Marselisborg and that was rewarded in the second half. The half time score was 3-1 to Gentofte were both sides had multiple opportunities to more points to the scoreboard. After a change in the formation Gentofte took control of the game and dominated the ball possession. Gentofte pulled away on the scoreboard and the game ended 8-2.
Goal scorers was: Olivier 2, Sandby 2, David 1, Kees 1, Wijnand 1 and Niels 1.

Again, a big thanks to the umpires Frigg and Lynn for taking change of the game.

The last game of the day was the women, who played against Odin. The game gave debut to our two young players Helena and Alina, and they did very well. Congratulation with progressing the youth to the seniors! The game it self was one big battle of the midfield, were Odin was just a little better in the first half. Gentofte stood low on the pitch and tried to come quick over the pitch in counterattacks. And Gentofte had a couple of opportunities during the first half, but it was Odin who put the only goal in the scoreboard in the first half. Yet again Gentofte defended penalty corners with courage and concentration, blocking 5 corners. 1-0 at half time.

Gentofte Hockey Klub - Mens game 2018

In the second half Gentofte was more on the ball, but the team was pressed back by the Odin midfield and defenders. Gentofte many good passing moments, but the last pass into the D was blocked every time. As time went by the team started to get a little desperate, but with 3 minutes to go Gentofte got the opportunity when Melisa intercepted the ball on Odin’s 25-yard line. Then she went in to the circle got the ball under the goalie to the result of 1-1.

The small squad can look back on 8 days with three games and four points. Not bad for a struggling team!

Gentofte Hockey Klub - ladies team, dressed up in dirndl

Again, thanks to the two umpires Niels and BC for umpiring the game.

After the hockey it was time for the clubs Oktoberfest. 50 people showed ud and had a blast of a party. Thanks to the Copenhagen Swans and Lyngby-Orient players that showed up and made the party even bigger! Also thanks to the party committee and the support club for making the event possible!

Sunday was about cleaning the restaurant at the stadium, but more important it was also about U6 practice. And massive thanks to Esben, Rune and Alexander for taking charge of the little ones!

Here we go!

Gentofte Hockey Klub - U6 practice