Hockey match report Gentofte – Slagelse.

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Saturday 2nd. of september Gentofte mens team took on Slagelse in the first game of the season in front of a large audience of friends and family (at least 10 people!). With only 8 players it looked to be a tough match against a young Slagelse team with lots of speed, stamina and hockey skills. Gentofte had a new player David in the line up, and he put up a good show in his first match. The home team showed grunt from the first minute and it didn’t take long before Christian Sandby scored the first goal of the season after a well played Gentofte attack and a clever final pass by Faisal. Soon after Christian followed up with a second goal and again Faisal was the man with the final pass, Gentofte was on a roll. Strong organisation and wits kept Slagelse from having many chances in the first half. Halfway through first half Olivier scored the thid goal, after a clever selfpass he dribbled into the D and hammered the ball into the bottom left. Gentofte managed to score one more time as Rasmus C took a run from the left back position to the right side of the D where a short pass from Faisal had him one on one with the keeper and a backhand shot send the ball over the keeper into the goal. Slagelse finished the first half by reducing to 4-1.
Second half was quite different from the first half as the home team was lacking substitutes which came to show as the match progressed. Slagelse came out strong and quickly scored to 4-2 after a situation where Gentofte couldn’t manage to get the ball clear of the D. During the intense match Slagelse managed to reduce one more time with a powerfull shot to the top left corner. The last fifteen minutes was a fight to stay ahead for Gentofte. With strong play by the midfielders and central backs second half was a display of many long lifts and hard balls to the opponents backline to feed the single remaining striker. Due to Slagelses high pressure there was lots of space behind their front line, and a some chances were created but no more goals where scored.
Gentofte kept up the struggle to the end, and came out victorious in the first game of the season.

Next match is against Odin the 17th of september at home. Hope to see you there!